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A message from Pastor Sherry

Pastor Sherry Morrison-Russell

Pastor Sherry

This week at Cross: we will celebrate worship through the Detroit Folk Mass at both services. Our youth will share our sermon today. Rebekah Smith is talking first about Chicago then being a part of The National Gathering Worship team with a weekend retreat at the Renaissance Center. Then Brandon and Zachary Anderson will talk about Camp. Then Taylor Haugen and Rebekah (again) will talk about Bridge Builders (formerly LTS & ALTS) then Andrew and Drake will talk about Bass Lake Abigail Tipton will talk about being in the house band and then Courtney Bourlier and Jenny Ligorotis will talk about MI Adventures.

I am so excited about the BUZZ we are creating here at Cross. Sunday school for all ages begins today. We have moved some classrooms around so if you are looking we will guide you.

Pastor Sherry